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The Freedom Cup, an adaptive drinking aid, a sippy cup for adults and children with extra needs

Mandy Charlton, creator of The Freedom Cup, an adaptive drinking aid, a sippy cup for adults and children with extra need holds one of the Freedom cups, a special edition produced for the Angelman UK 30th Birthday for families affected by angelman syndrome


Introducing The Freedom Cup - the perfect adaptive drinking aid for those who need extra support holding their cups. Whether you're elderly, disabled, have had a stroke or suffer from dementia, The Freedom Cup is a bespoke item designed to meet your specific needs. This spill-proof mug for adults features a double-walled design, ensuring your drinks stay hot or cold for longer.

At Philomena's Boutique, we make each cup individually, and our talented team designs them to fit your unique preferences. Choose from a range of patterns, such as bees or peacock feathers, or provide us with a photo of your choice. We offer a child-centric design option, so your little ones can enjoy their own bespoke cup.

The cup has two large easy-to-hold handles making it perfect for those who struggle with grip, while the spout on the lid ensures minimal spillage. Remove the silicone teat inside to make it free-flowing or increase the hole in the silicone with a small pair of scissors depending on the user's suck reflex. The stable base keeps the cup upright, and it holds up to 13oz/400ml of liquid.

Measuring 7.2cm x 12.9cm and weighing only 229g without liquid, The Freedom Cup is incredibly sturdy and has passed all of our drop tests. The screw-on sturdy plastic lid makes it easy to use on the go. Please note that the cup pictured is just an example; we can design yours with any pattern or colour you desire.

Order your bespoke Freedom Cup today and enjoy a more comfortable and enjoyable drinking experience. If you have any questions or for trade enquiries, please don't hesitate to contact us at

As Featured in the BBC News -

How to adjust the flow of the sippy cup (depending on your suck reflex)

  1. First, remove the silicone teat from the spout of the cup.

  2. Look for the small cross on the teat, which can be cut with small scissors.

  3. If you want a slower flow, make a small cut along one of the arms of the cross.

  4. If you want a faster flow, make a small cut along another arm of the cross.

  5. You can adjust the flow according to the individual's suck reflex.

  6. Once you have made the cut, reattach the silicone teat to the spout of the cup.

  7. Should you require free flow please remove the silicone teat completely.

Our Mission Statement 

At Philomena's Boutique, our passion lies in creating innovative and stylish products that enhance the lives of our customers. Our most recent creation, The Freedom Cup, is an adaptive drinking aid that empowers individuals with disabilities, mobility issues, or conditions like cerebral palsy, Parkinson's, Angelman syndrome, autism, and old age to enjoy a beverage with dignity and independence.

We understand that many individuals with disabilities or conditions like dementia, cerebral palsy, and autism can struggle with gripping, swallowing, or simply holding a cup. That's why The Freedom Cup is double-walled, stainless steel, and spill-proof, ensuring that individuals can enjoy their beverage without fear of spills or mess. Additionally, did you know that people with dementia may lose their thirst signals, forget to drink, and become dehydrated easily? That's why The Freedom Cup is designed with bright colours and patterns, helping individuals with dementia identify the cup easily and prompting them to take a sip.

While we're a profit-making company, we also believe in giving back to the community that supports us. That's why we've created a donation program that allows us to provide The Freedom Cup to those in need, spreading joy, hope, and empowerment one sip at a time. Our mission is to create a world where everyone can raise a cuppa with pride and confidence, while promoting inclusivity, normalcy, and self-confidence for all.

Join us in our quest to make a difference in the lives of many. Let's promote independence, dignity, and inclusivity together, and ensure that no one has to struggle with basic tasks like enjoying a beverage. With The Freedom Cup, we're proud to provide a solution that is far-reaching, from children with varying disabilities to older individuals with mobility issues. Together, let's make a positive change in the world, one cup at a time.

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