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Enjoy summer safely, sustainably and ethically at Philomena's Boutique

Eco-friendly coconut bowl, jungle straws and Bamboo cutlery set at Philomena's Boutique, Mandy Charlton
ethical, sustainable, eco-friendly products at Philomena's Boutique


The government want us to enjoy summer safely and I want to add sustainably to that sentence because if lockdown was good for anything it was healing of the planet.

I've been trying to make changes in my life for quite a while now, trying to be more eco-friendly, more sustainable and seeking out more diversity and as it follows, when I started Philomena's Boutique I decided that was exactly where I wanted to be.

As ethical as possible, as sustainable as possible...

Yesterday we received our first delivery of Jungle Straws, Bamboo cutlery wraps and handmade and coconut bowls, all of them are made in Vietnam ethically, sustainably and safely.

If you purchase these you are not only helping to save the planet but as we experience a summer of living with the coronavirus you'll surely be protecting yourself by using your own cutlery.  Now I'm not suggesting you decant your pub meals into a coconut bowl but why not use your own jungle straw or cutlery which you know you're the only one who's touched it?  Seems like a no-brainer to me.

I absolutely love the coconut bowls, they're hand-carved in 5 different designs and if Instagram has taught us anything, these bowls create the most beautiful aesthetic, eat your cereal from them, your summer soups, your foodie feasts that look so good you never want to eat them.

I think so many changes have happened during the lockdown that it's a great time to make new habits, to completely change your life if you want to, after all, I went into this as a professional photographer of 13 years and came out of it as a gift boutique owner, I could never have imagined that or that running Philomena's Boutique would make me the happiest in business that I have ever been.

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