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Welcome to Philomena's Boutique, Diverse, Sustainable, Totally Lush

Philomena's Boutique, Diverse, Sustainable, Totally Lush

I’ve always loved holidays, when I was little I remember going all over Wales and sometimes to the Southwest coast of Scotland, later on, my granny would take me all over on the train and metro and wherever we ended up we’d explore all of the little touristy gift shops or sometimes we’d go in the everything shops, you know the ones I mean 


I’ve always wanted to run my own gift shop, and through starting Planty Mandy’s Gardening Gang, I decided quite early on that I wanted to add a shop which sold all kinds of wonderful things for the garden. I already had an Etsy store from years ago called Philomena’s Boutique and so this is the completion of a lifelong project. Whilst it’s not the time to move to the countryside or the coast and start a tiny store on a cobblestone bank down to the seaside, it’s the perfect time to start an online store which emulates just that.

Philomena’s Boutique is diverse, sustainable and totally lush.  It's a gift shop for you, for your family, for everyone, it’s full of beautiful garden and outdoor gifts and during the festive season, it will become your first stop for all that is Christmassy including the cutest decorating items you can’t find anywhere else.

Come with me, on a holiday journey to the sweetest little gift shop full of awe and wonder where products are diverse, sustainable, totally lush

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